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Combine the passion of an evangelist’s heart with the compassion of a shepherd’s heart..& you get Roy Todd.

Over the past 20 years, Roy Todd has travelled extensively around Britain, Europe, Asia and America, communicating God’s good news of forgiveness, healing and hope. He is thought provoking, humorous and inspiring. Many thousands of people have been greatly helped on their journey of faith as they’ve listened to Roy share about what it means to experience God’s grace.

As a communicator, Roy appeals both to believers and non-believers! He’s down to earth and real - not skimming over real life issues but showing how faith in Christ can make all the difference. Many people who have been invited along to Roy Todd events have subsequently found personal faith.

Roy also prays for people to be healed at his events. There have been many

people who have had profound experiences of healing as a result of prayer.


About Roy...

As well as maintaining a busy speaking schedule, Roy, along with his wife Lydia, serves as a founding pastor of The Junction Church in Loughborough.

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